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ALERT: Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning. Learn more. 



Montrose School offers Full Day Kindergarten to Grade 6 programming, which is enhanced with a comprehensive literacy program that includes Balanced Literacy/Guided Reading (Daily 5), Leveled Literacy Intervention, and Writer's Workshop. Students in grade four, five, and six are offered French as a Second Language.

We are a district site for a Division One and a Division Two Behavior and Learning Assistance Class.







Principal's Message

         Welcome to Montrose School!  At Montrose School we believe that every student has the right to an excellent education and the responsibility to develop their talents and abilities while learning to live and problem solve peacefully, respect themselves and others. Our learning environment is positive and caring and thus supports individual differences, allowing all students to take risks in pursuit of excellence. We strive to build strong relationships between staff, students, families and the community.

         We encourage all students to be the best that they can be each and every day. We help them to accept their own and others' strengths and challenges and celebrate each other’s successes. We endeavor to help students to see mistakes not as failures, but as essential parts of the learning process. We help students to become accountable for their conduct and the development of positive relationships with others as well as to assume their rightful responsibilities as learners.

         Montrose is also a Partners for Kids School. That means that we have access to a wide variety of community supports at no additional cost to our families. This year, we have a Family Therapist, a Roots and Wings Worker, and a Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentorship Coordinator. These supports are funded primarily through the United Way.

         Our school is considered a Trauma Sensitive School.Our school may be somewhat different than any other. We work with students who may have learning and developmental differences related to stressful life experiences. We are creating a school environment that is sensitive to the outcomes of the students’ experiences. A Trauma Sensitive School environment is one which is based on research supporting the following information:  

  • High levels of stress during childhood can have negative long term consequences.
  • When a child's stress management systems are turned on for long periods of time, this raises the likelihood that the brain will later mistakenly respond in a fight-or-flight mode to day to day, nonlife-treatening events.
  • When a child's brain is mistakenly hijacked into the fight-or-flight mode, learning cannot take place and behaviour mistakes are common.
  • Strategies to move the brain out of the fight-or-flight mode can be learned. These include intentional calming, changing self-talk and finding "brain tricks" to turn on the prefrontal cortex, or the "thinking" part of the brain.

What we do differently?

Trauma Sensitive School Settings use a flexible framework to create the following characteristics:

  • All staff within the school work together to develop common universal strategies to support the creation of a safe environment for all students.  This includes social, emotional, academic and physical safety.
  • All staff have a well-developed understanding of both the effects of childhood trauma AND their ability to support the student in moderating those effects.
  • Students receive direct instruction in addition to multiple opportunities to practice skill development in the areas of relationship development, emotional regulation, and modulating or regulating the state of arousal.
  • Students receive enhanced opportunities to experience connection to the school community.
  • School planning and operations are guided by the need to support extraordinary and changing student needs.
  • Parents and community are invited to be involved. We have a Children's Mental Health Nurse on staff that helps us with this work. Her name is Mardi Bernard.

             Throughout the school year we create opportunities for our families to participate in meetings, celebrations, after school activities and special days. Parents and students will receive information about these events through student agendas and SchoolZone. It is very important that parents have current and valid email addresses on file with us in order to receive notice of postings relative to their children. SchoolZone also gives families access to school information, report cards, attendance information, and specific classroom news. If you require assistance with SchoolZone, please contact our school office.

         You will find a copy of our student and parent information guide on this website. We created it as a framework for working together as a school community and continue to revise it based on our needs and experiences. Our handbook contains much information related to our expectations, processes and procedures.  This information is also in student Agendas. We ask that all parents review this document with their child(ren) each year.

         The relationship between home and school is essential in our partnership together and the success of our students. We truly value and appreciate effective communication. We look forward to working together as we begin the journey of the new school year!

Yours in Partnership, 

Laurie Caines, Principal