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Clubs & Activities

At Montrose School we have 2 (two) afterschool programs.

AYP - Abbottsfield Youth Project (Monday nights 3-5)

Since 1986, Abbottsfield Youth Project (AYP) Society has been providing preventative life-skills programs for children aged 6-12 who live in high-risk communities in Northeast Edmonton. Our Community Outreach and Living Skills Program (C.O.L.S) program uses a learn-through-play philosophy to guide participants on how to make positive life choices, develop healthy self-esteems and learn effective communicaiton strategies. Curriculum topics include: Problem Solving, Communication, Self-Esteem, and Healthy Relationships. 

AYP's In-School program runs from September to June and is held at Montrose school gym.

KIA - Kids In Action (Tuesday nights 3-5)

What is KIA?
Kids in Action is part of Hope Mission, a Christian non-profit organization. Hope Mission strives to serve, strengthen and uplift men, women, youth and children. 

What do we do a KIA?

Active - We run, do exercises and play active games. WE think it is important fo rchildrent o set goals and work towards achieving them. This year we will be working towards the goal of finishing a 5km race in the spring. 

Character Development - Using Bible stories, goal setting, physical activity and more, we desire to build positive character traits in the children who come ot our program. Each week we will learn a story from the Bible taht tells of who God is and His love for each one of us. 

Connection - At KIA, children have the opportunity to connect with peers and positive, caring adults. 

Snack - KIA children will eat a healthy snack at the program.