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School Handbook

Student Responsibilities:

  • Make sure assignments/activities are written in their agenda book
  • Take agenda book home at the end of the school day
  • Compete the assigned or incomplete work by the due date
  • Ask the teacher for clarification if they don’t understand the expectations
  • Make sure the agenda book is returned the next day

2018-2019 Student Rights and Responsibilities

 Family Responsibilities:

  • Check the book for assignments, information from the teacher, tests, etc
  • Assist the student as necessary  - i.e. help them with their work
  • Contact your child’s teacher if the agenda book is not coming home

 Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Make sure assignments/expectations/important dates are clearly written on the board.
  • Give students time to write down assignments
  • Contact parents if after discussion with the student, assignments are still not being completed.


The purpose of the school handbook is to provide a description of the school’s operation, policies, programs and services. It is only part of the process of communicating. In addition, we will be sending home newsletters, announcements, notes and samples of students work and tests. Through SchoolZone, classroom newsletters, our website (http://montrose.epsb.ca), student progress reports, email, phone calls home, student agenda books and monthly Parent Council meetings, we do our very best to keep you informed about your child’s education and what is happening at Montrose School.

We believe that accurate and frequent communication helps promote your child’s success in school. We encourage you to contact the teacher first with concerns or questions you might have. We also encourage you to contact the school within a 48-hour period if you have a concern or problem. If you need to sleep on it for 24 hours please do so. By working in this time frame, it keeps the problem relevant and easier to solve. If you have a problem, it is important to talk with the person you have the problem with first.


Edmonton Public Schools, in co-operation with its staff groups, is committed to a creating a healthy, respectful learning environment for students, staff members, trustees, parents, volunteers and contractors.

We recognize the worth of every person without discrimination. We are committed to working toward the elimination of objectionable behaviour in our schools and workplaces, and to maintain an environment that is respectful, safe, nurturing and positive for everyone.

Please help us achieve this goal by interacting in a manner which respects the dignity and value of others.


Please be sure to check each night for information, forms and notifications. Teachers will ask students to place important information into their agendas. Please be sure to complete and/or sign any forms and send them back to the school as soon as possible. Please note that, if a student does not have a signed consent for a field trip returned before the day of the field trip, the student may not be allowed to participate. If you have any questions or concerns with any forms/notifications sent home with your students, feel free to call the school or take a look on SchoolZone.


To maximize student success, regular and punctual attendance is important and expected. It is also essential that students arrive at school on time and be prepared for the day’s lessons. Students under the age of 16 years are legally required to attend school by the School Act.  Non-attending students will be referred to the Attendance Board.  Students are required by the School Act - Section 7 to be at school on time.  Students who are consistently late will be referred to the Attendance Board.

If a child is absent from class at the start of the morning or afternoon instructional time and the teacher has no knowledge as to the reason for this absence, the child’s parents will be contacted over the phone.  Please help us by notifying our office of any lates or absences as soon as possible. A message can be left by calling Montrose School at 471-2358 or by sending a note to your child’s teacher (such as in the case of an upcoming doctor’s appointment).  Students arriving late are required to check into the office upon arrival to school.


We believe that all students have the right to learn.  It is our aim to establish and maintain a positive school climate in which:

  • Each student feels safe, happy, and important without disruptive behaviour impinging      upon the rights of others
  • Appropriate behaviour is consistently encouraged and complimented so as to increase      student self esteem and reward self control
  • Frequent communication exists between the staff and parents so as to encourage and      provide the opportunity for active and constructive parental involvement in the education of their child
  • There is a collaborative effort to learn and a feeling of mutual respect among staff,      students, and parents

Our goal at Montrose is to encourage and reinforce appropriate behaviour.  While the ultimate responsibility lies with the student, the home and school alike must share the responsibility for acceptable conduct, and by working together, we can better ensure positive student behaviour.

At Montrose, when problems occur between students, we follow a problem solving process that helps students develop communication and reflective strategies that assist them in dealing with similar situations in the future. Our problem solving process is linked to our literacy focus and involves students in completing organizers and writing apology letters, when necessary, with teacher/administrator  assistance. The goal is to provide students with positive, life-long strategies that help them solve problems or issues now and in the future.

Staff are responsible for establishing a positive school climate in which support and encouragement are provided on an ongoing basis to assist students in developing a sense of self discipline and responsibility while making a positive contribution to society.

Parents and family are responsible for establishing a positive learning environment at home, for knowing and supporting school policies and procedures and for encouraging their children to understand and respect school rules and expectations. 

Students have the responsibility to respect the rights and dignity of others, and be actively and productively involved in their own academic and social achievement.  In accordance with Section 12 of the School Act, students shall conduct themselves so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:

  • Be diligent in pursuing their studies
  • Attend school regularly and punctually
  • Cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the Board to provide education programs and other services
  • Comply with the rules of the school
  • Account to the student’s for the student’s conduct; and
  • Respect the rights of others

The school reserves the right to involve Edmonton Police Services

in regard to student and staff safety and the law.